Guide for Host Farms of Young Farmer Night Events

Thank you for hosting a Young Farmer Night! This guide is meant to help us all get ready to host an awesome YFN.

What we do: As the organizers, Sarah and Victoria create the schedule, advertise and promote the events, and are here to help you make the YFN you host really great! Some hosts prepare their YFN schedule more independently than others, and that is fine. We are an informal and very open group.

What you do: As a host, you have chosen a date to welcome folks interested in agriculture onto your farm for an evening of learning, meeting each other, potluck-eating, and fun. Remember that YFN is open to ALL. This means there will be people of all ages (from very old to very young), experiences (from people who are just starting to be interested in farming to those who may have been farming for decades), types of farms (from organic to conventional, from livestock to flowers, from community garden to large production etc…), and backgrounds (from all walks of life and life experiences!). 

This is your event, you can really shape it however you would like, but below are our recommendations and usual YFN structure.

A farm tour. This should be about an hour, shorter or longer is fine. Show off your amazing farm and highlight what you do well or think is special about your operation. Please do reach out to us if you would like help organizing this. There is surely so much cool stuff to see and talk about it can be hard to put it together! We encourage you to write down this outline, use it again to show others around your farm in the future!

A potluck meal. We ask people to bring a dish to share and their own eating-ware. All you need to provide is a place for us all to enjoy a meal together. A table is nice to put the food on. Folks can sit on the grass, or anywhere else relatively comfortable and clean. You are welcome to invite everyone into your home, but you certainly do not have to.

A fun activity. This is really up to all our imaginations! Some fun activities in the past have included: bonfires, clothing swap, music (we can invite folks to bring instruments, or even a band), games (like corn hole! and the big wind blows! even tag!)! farm-related film screening, swimming, and more! This is all of our chance to let loose, have fun, and hang out with each other.

Before the event:

  • We will be in communication to set a schedule and plan for the event and answer any questions you may have.

  • We will need from you: a little description about your farm and directions and/or address (including where people should park).

  • We will also need to settle on a start time for the event (which may vary depending on sunlight).

Some tips for you for the day of:

  • clearly mark where people should park (we have signs to put up)

  • have something to do while people are arriving. Generally most people will not arrive until 15-30 minutes after the scheduled start time. This means that it is a good idea to have something to do for those who arrive on time. We can help you plan this. Some ideas might be: meet-and-greet games, cool farming thing to look at (new tractor? cool breed of pigs?), showing people where they can walk around/explore near the group etc…

  • have the food table already set up in a shady place out of reach of animals so people can put their dishes down while we walk around.

  • clearly mark where people can get water to drink, and the bathroom you would like people to use