Young Farmer Night
Peer to peer networking.

Young Farmer Night is a series of free, regular and rotating social and educational events open to farmers and farm allies of all ages and experience levels, meant to foster community, build relationships and catalyze collaboration in Southeastern New England. 

A strong community support network is invaluable to farmers starting or expanding businesses in what can seem like an endless uphill battle.  While some opportunities during the growing season exist for farmers to meet each other, these are mainly in passing, at markets or at workshops and conferences where the focus is on the subject matter at hand.  To develop a strong community support network, personal relationships must be fostered in a friendly environment. Young Farmer Nights provide these critical opportunities for peer to peer networking, as well as learning opportunities to share best practices, see first hand how other farmers combat similar challenges, and discuss broader policy issues.

A little history…

Young Farmer Nights began as informal gatherings at farms of folks interested in agriculture during the summer of 2010. 

Pretty soon these gatherings grew. More people came, more farms wanted to host events, and some really cool collaborative projects grew out of the connections and relationships formed at the events.

We started calling the events Young Farmer Nights in the beginning and soon the name stuck and got some recognition, with other organizations and groups modeling their gatherings after the success of the Young Farmer Network (YFN). By that point we felt that we could not change the name, even though YFNs are open to people of all ages, experiences, backgrounds, and farm types.

What makes Young Farmer Nights unique is that the focus of the events is on having fun and getting to know each other. We aren’t just about networking, we are about creating friendships that lead to real and meaningful communities and collaboration. Each event on a host farm features a farm tour and a casual potluck dinner.  We encourage our host farms to have space for a bonfire, group game, music circle, or some other fun activity.


Attending a YFN

Young Farmer Nights are open to ANYONE and EVERYONE, all ages and backgrounds and farming experience levels are welcome. children are welcome!

Each YFN is structured as a tour followed by a potluck and hang time. Please bring a dish to contribute to the potluck dinner, as well as a plate and fork for yourself.
Tours begin at 6pm (5:30pm late in the season as we start to lose sunlight earlier.)

If you're running late, it's still worthwhile to come! We will try to wait for stragglers, but if we have to get moving we'll leave a note of where you can find us on the tour.

Re: the potluck --- if you're farming all day and are busy and manage to tear yourself away but can't bring a potluck item, you are still welcome! we understand!

In addition to our emails, each Young Farmer Night can be found on Facebook, on our website, and on Instagram. If the weather turns ugly during the day, rely on Facebook and Instagram for last minute notices of cancellation or changes.